Automated Data Analysis

More than 1 million data points? No problem.
Multiple data sources? No problem.
Limited visualization options? We got you covered.
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“Our order profile changes so fast, once a logistics consultant is done with the work, the analysis is outdated. With Syncware, we finally have realtime insights.”
Dirk Jan van Veen
Director of Operations
Syncware AI

Implemented in minutes. Instant Business Impact

Like many warehouses, TotalStorage's customer based and order profile changes rapidly. They would like to periodically optimize their operations for the new order profile, but by the time a warehouse consultant finished their report, the customer profile had changed again. The impact of Syncware was immediately obvious. Now they can see in real time the changes in product turnover, and organize accordingly.
Faster results
Revenue increase

Your most important KPIs at your fingertips

Inventory accuracy rate, Stock turnover rate, Order fulfillment time and accuracy, Square footage utilization, Rack utilization rate, Order picking speed,  Receiving accuracy, Shipping accuracy, Turnaround time.
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ABC + XYZ Analysis

ABC analysis is a powerful tool for optimizing inventory management. This technique classifies items into three categories (A, B and C) based on their importance to your business. The benefits of ABC analysis include reducing inventory costs, decreasing pick time, improving cash flow, reducing the risk of stock shortages or surplus inventory.

Sales Forecasts

Many companies also use simple rules (heuristics), such as taking a rolling average of recent sales  as a the basis of their demand forecast. These work as a proxy to account for key factors that can impact demand include economic conditions, consumer preferences, seasonal fluctuations, competitor activity, industry trends, technological advancements, and more. When creating a demand forecast it is important to consider all of these.
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Filter by SKU, Customer ID or custom timeframe

Syncware gives you the power to filter data and gain deeper insights into your business operations like never before. No more sifting through mountains of data to find the information you need - our intuitive dashboard puts the power of data analysis at your fingertips. Make data-driven decisions with confidence, and take your business to the next level.