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Leverage AI to optimize your


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Syncware AI - Superforeman

Leverage AI to optimize your warehouse operations

Picking Routes

Use order data to generate the most efficient picking routes.

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Smart Slotting

Observe patterns from real world data and slot items accordingly.

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Warehouse layout

Optimize your warehouse configuration.

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Space utilization

Maximize space utilization to prevent wastage of resources.

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Syncware Platform

Connect & Conquer your warehouse operations with Syncware

Fast Connectivity

Swiftly deploy cutting edge industrial IoT solutions in your warehouse with the Syncware Platform. Syncware is compatible with all major WMS providers and robot fleet managers.

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Insights & Alerts

Take control with real-time data monitoring and visualization. Obtain valuable business insights to support your executive decisions.

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Warehouse Automation

Employ specialized Syncware tools to build a robust automated system in your warehouse.

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What is Syncware AI?
Syncware AI lets warehouse workers do their best work; picking more orders and walking fewer miles.
How do I get started?
Simply give us a list of historical orders (WMS log data), and a layout of your warehouse, and we do the rest. It's that simple.

Syncware works with with all major WMS brands and any robot fleet manager.

Get in touch here to get started.
In what countries can I use Syncware?
Syncware is available worldwide.
Who needs Syncware?
Syncware AI was developed especially for warehouses to increase picking route efficiency.

Syncware AI essentially optimizes the traveling salesman problem, with multiple salesmen, and moving targets.

Contact us if you have an application that could benefit from this type of optimization.
How much will I save?
Picking is the most expensive and time-consuming operation in warehousing. Picking items accounts for 50-70% of a warehouse 's operation costs.

Pickers spend 50-60% of their time walking. A 25% improvement in picking efficiency translates into a ~10% reduction in warehouse OPEX.
Can Syncware work with robot fleet managers?
Syncware can create bridges to seamlessly with robot fleet managers. Contact us to explore the options.
What is Syncware?
Syncware is a software tool that can make robots of different vendors collaborate seamlessly in hours instead of months. It consists of three components:

1. User interface to quickly configure your system without   needing software engineers

2. A middleware under the hood to enable seamless    connectivity between robots, elevators, doors, barcode    scanners, WMS, and more.

3. Syncware AI optimizes warehouse operations by assigning    tasks efficiently to the right robots and humans.
What are the benefits of Syncware?
Flexibility, data extraction, and lower costs.

Traditional automation typically follows a fixed design, with a fixed number of robots, capable of handling a fixed volume. Syncware allows you to add extra devices on the go. Giving you the flexibility to scale your automation together with your business, or add extra units during peak season.
In what countries can I use Syncware?
You can use Syncware in nearly every country in the world.
How does it work?
Instead of hiring a System Integrator company, you can design and implement warehouse automation in-house, at a fraction of the costs.

1. Decide on the automation design
2. Order Hardware and Software
3. Use Syncware to connect and deploy

You can always ask your System Integrator to use Syncware.
What hardware devices does Syncware support?
Do I need to be a software developer to use Syncware?

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